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    Auto Glass Services in Mesa Arizona

    Mesa, AZ

    Auto Glass Services


    A Snapshot of What We Do!

    A reputable auto glass repair and replacement shop listens and takes action when customers need them most. Damaged auto glass is one of those repairs that take you by surprise and disrupts your life. The trouble with waiting to fix this sort of damage is it leaves your vehicle compromised structurally and less safe. Even the smallest of cracks can turn into visibility issues and larger or more expensive damage.

    Our goal is to work as quickly and efficiently to repair or replace your windshield, car or truck glass, rear back glass, sunroof glass, or moonroof. We have over 20-years of experience in the industry, so chances are we have seen your auto glass problem. Through years of experience and working on so many different makes and models of vehicles, we are confident we can help you. Our process is simple. Just give us a call today, and we will get you started. Below you'll learn more about our services, about our company, and the questions we most get asked.

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    Mobile Services


    We come to you!

    One of the best features of our business is that we can come to you. We are a mobile service and serve the greater Mesa, AZ area. Once you tell us what kind of repair you're seeking, we can get you into our schedule. We will happily come to your home or work, so you can keep doing life despite your auto glass repair.

    Car repairs are often a hassle. You have to drive to a shop and usually wait around for the mechanics to accept your car and go through it. You might have to leave it there and get a ride home only to return and worry about what your bill is going to look like when you go pick it up. Our goal is to make your replacement or repair as easy as possible, which means we bring our mobile unit to you. We will get your car details and insurance (if applicable) and bring everything we need with us to repair your windshield or other auto glass damages. We serve a wide area with our mobile services, so please give us a call today so we can get your repair on the books now.

    Car and Truck Glass Services

    A Closer Look at Our Services


    What kind of auto glass repair can we help you with? Below you'll find more information on our specific services. Many of these we can handle onsite at your residence or place of work.

    windshield-repairs (1)

    Your windshield is one of the most important structures of your vehicle. It helps the structure remain strong during collisions and keeps passengers safer. We can perform a repair from our mobile units for things like chips and cracks. These minor blemishes have the potential of getting worse if ignored. You have likely seen a small crack turn into something far bigger in just a short time. Even a large chip in your windshield can give you headaches. Call us today and tell us about what kind of repair you need, and we will get you on our schedule.


    It might seem like replacing an entire windshield is a major project, but for us, we do it many times a day. If you've seen significant damage to your front glass, chances are it is impacting your visibility. This is damage that you'll want to take care of immediately. Windshields are designed to give the rest of the car it's structure. Without it, you're more susceptible to roof collapses or similar issues when faced with an accident. Another problem is your windshield "health" is often tied to your airbag system. Without all of those sensors working together, you're placing yourself and passengers at risk.


    While not as prevalent a problem, back car or truck glass can also be broken and need to be repaired or replaced. If the damage is minor, such as a chip, for example, a repair is likely doable. However, with rear glass, there tends to be more involved within the glass itself. The small wires or filaments that defrost your window can be damaged, and it might take out large sections or the entire heating system. We often replace entire rear glass units for this reason. While it can be tempting to drive a while before having this repaired, you run the risk of causing more damage to sensors or the glass itself. Give us a call, and we can get your rear glass taken care of so you're not faced with those issues.


    At times, driver or passenger car windows see damages. This can be from road hazards or other cars but often comes from things like tree branches and other debris. This glass is less sturdy as your front and back glass and should be replaced as soon as possible. Door glass issues can be dangerous when faced with pressure or force. In fact, you could end up filling your seats with glass. This is especially dangerous if you or your family are on those seats at the time. We are experienced with working with power windows and the mechanisms that control its movements. Don't take the risk, call us today to get them replaced.


    The most common cause of sunroof or moonroof damage is from the outside elements. You might have had some sort of debris kick up on the road, or perhaps a tree letting loose near your car. Sometimes you'll just need to replace the glass because the seals are broken, and you're getting leaks. This is often discovered when you take the car through the car wash, and you end up getting a bath right along with your car. Whatever the issue is, we are happy to take a look at it and handle it for you.


    With new auto glass, many clients need to re-tint their windows. Some customers come to us to simply update their vehicles and give them a little more privacy within their cars or trucks. We have been tinting windows for a while now, and if you're unsure about window tint, we welcome all of your questions. Many people have left-over impressions from poor "DIY" window tint they see on the road. You won't have to worry about this. Our tint looks like it came straight off the showroom floor. This project can be done quickly to just a couple of windows, or we can tackle your entire glass package.

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    Did you know that many insurance companies cover auto glass repairs or replacements? At the very least, they will often handle the bulk of the cost, depending on your provider. We will work with your insurance company, no need to call and wait for hours on the phone. We will connect with your insurer, get the details about your deductible, and get you a quote quickly. We try to make this process as easy as possible for you so you can focus on more important things. Our staff is standing by to start this processing for you, so give us a call now.


    Damaged Glass


    As you've learned at this point, driving around with damaged glass isn't very safe. Your vehicle design is meant to work in conjunction with all the glass in your car or truck, to make it safe and secure. Broken or damaged class only compromises that safety or security, making you vulnerable to hazards. Our job is to assess whether or not you need a basic repair or a full replacement. Smaller cracks and chips might be subject to simple acrylic fillers and curing. Larger cracks or shattering will need a full replacement, which we can do from our mobile operations. We come ready with your specific glass, the tools, sealants, and more. You won't have to track these items down; we handle the job from top to bottom.


    Labor Warranty


    While it rarely happens, sometimes problems arise after a repair. If you have an issue with your repair that we can trace back to improper installation, we offer a 100% warranty. We hope that by doing this, it gives you confidence in working with us. Over the years, we have seen very few of these issues, but we are relentless at correcting any mistakes made. If you have any questions about our labor warranty policy, please don't hesitate to ask.


    Service Area


    We live right alongside you in Mesa, Arizona. We likely shop at the same stores, eat at the same restaurants and cruise the same roads. We are your community, so we must listen and take great care of our fellow neighbors. We serve the greater Mesa Area and travel up to 50-miles from our location. Our mobile units are dispatched daily to handle various auto glass repairs and replacements. In fact, you may have seen us on the road.

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    Our Business & Commitment

    Auto Glass Company, Mesa, AZ


    When you go online to find the best auto glass repair shop in Mesa, does it feel like a complete gamble? We understand. Finding hard-working shops with great reviews and high-quality work is more challenging than it should be. We pride ourselves on being that company. We work relentlessly to support our clients, help them when they are stranded, show up at random places to do our work, and everything in between.

    We are a licensed and bonded company and have jumped through all of the legal hoops to serve our community. This is no small feat. We know that doing business means we need to go the extra mile because so many others don't. We also carry superior insurance, so you know you're in good hands when working with us.

    Finally, we have excellent crews and staff. We are a collection of experienced technicians who have been doing this type of glasswork for more than 20-years. We are consistently learning in our business and always have our eyes ahead at new practices to do our jobs even better. If you are in San Diego and are looking for a windshield repair company, you can reach out to our friends at Edge Auto Glass.

    Your Questions, Answered


    Frequently Asked Questions From New Customers

    If you have never had your auto glass repaired before or if it has been a while since you have, here are some frequently asked questions that might help.

    Will insurance cover my broken auto glass?

    While we cannot be sure until we check with your specific insurer, chances are, yes. Many of our customers are surprised at how much their insurance companies cover.

    Do I have to come to you, or can you come to my workplace for my repair?

    We are happy to meet with you to do your repair while you are taking care of life's responsibilities. We can even come to your home if this is easier.

    Will you have my windshield in stock?

    It sounds improbable when you consider all the types of cars and trucks on the road, but we work with great manufacturers who carry it all.

    How Long will my repair or replacement take?

    We won't know for sure until we see what we are working with. However, smaller repairs can take less than 30-minutes. A full replacement could take about an hour. It all depends on the damage and your vehicle make and model.


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