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    Most people aren't dealing with auto glass issues, but maybe once a year, if that. When it comes time to find the right shop to work with, it feels a little like throwing a dart at a map. It's always easier when you can get a recommendation, but that's not always an option. If you've never had to deal with broken auto glass repairs, or if you're new in town, finding the right shop is challenging. Whether you have found your way here because you have an auto glass problem, or you are planning ahead in the event you do, we thought we would share a few things to look for when hiring an auto glass company.

    First, how does their online reputation look? In days gone by, this would have been lower on the list of things to look for. However, as we move ever faster into a technology-centric world, people are happily chiming in on businesses they would or wouldn't recommend. Second, is the business licensed and insured? You might think this is just a given, but unfortunately, in the auto glass world, it isn't. Third, does the shop carry their own business insurance? A professional business will go to great lengths to get fully covered in the event something goes wrong. This should give you peace of mind that they take what they do seriously. Finally, how well do they communicate? Auto glass repairs are fairly straight forward but require good communication to ensure you get what you need and your appointment details clear. A shop that communicates what is happening with your repair is a keeper.

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    Broken Auto Glass?

    A Case to Repair Quickly


    Why you shouldn't drive around with broken windows

    Drivers often put off having auto glass repaired or replaced for several reasons. The first reason is usually cost. We understand, if your insurance coverage doesn't cover your repair, the price can climb significantly. Another reason is many don't think it's that bad. A minor chip or crack in a windshield is far from making it impossible to see to drive, right? Another reason drivers put this repair off is time. Taking your car into a shop for any kind of repair takes time, and most of us are pretty short on that these days. We could go on, but you get the idea.

    We suggest dealing with a broken window or windshield quickly for a few important reasons. First, it's a safety thing. Larger cracks that you can still see through pose a risk by compromising the structural integrity of your vehicle. Another reason is broken windshields, and rear back glass is there to protect you if they are broken, other issues arise. For example, your airbag system might not work properly if you were to get into an accident. Another reason is security. Those with ill intentions look at vehicles with broken glass as easier targets for robbery or vandalism. Finally, the obvious is aesthetics. Broken auto glass just looks bad, and devalues your vehicle and all the efforts you've made to take care of it over the years.

    Auto Glass Services

    Laveen, AZ Windshield Repairs and More


    Here is a look at some of the services we offer our friends in Laveen, AZ. We have a full range of expert auto glass repairs, replacements, and services.




    Your windshield is, literally, the window into the world when it comes to your car. This might be the most important window that needs to be in the best condition for a safe and pleasant driving experience. We are pros when it comes to windshield repair and replacement in Laveen, AZ. Not only do we work with the best materials, but our crews are knowledgeable and fast, so you're back on the road safely and quickly. We can repair chips, so they don't turn into cracks and leave you with more problems. We can also replace your windshield if you've experienced a crack from an accident, or a bit of debris. These services are available via our mobile team so let's get you booked today and solve your broken or damaged windshield pronto.


    Rear Window


    The back window of your vehicle is, perhaps, the second most important window of your car, truck, or SUV. You need to be able to see what is happening behind you while on the road, and this window is paramount in your being able to do that. Any damage can impede being able to see while driving or compromise the structure of your vehicle. This window is also a little more complicated as many have special features like heating elements that keep your windows from fogging or frosting. Let's not forget that broken rear windows can also make it harder to see through your onboard camera systems in some vehicles. This leaves your car open to security issues. Let us know if we can get you started on this repair or replacement today.


    Passenger Doors


    Your vehicle's door glass is another important set of windows that need repair as soon as possible. This auto glass is unlike your front and back windows because it's not as thick or strong as the others. Therefore, it's more susceptible to things like pressure, security issues, and overall weakening as it's supposed to help protect you in an accident. We work on panel glass, so you and your passengers feel safer. Sometimes accidents happen, like rogue baseballs or a storm that throws debris into your car. Let us help get that replaced. We will even make sure your power window mechanisms work properly, so you don't have any complications with these features of your car.


    Quarter Panel


    In SUVs and vans, we see a lot of quarter panel glass repairs that need to be done. This glass tends to be the victim of the most random of incidents beyond those that involve an accident. That might be kids that get too rambunctious inside, a wild night of cornhole, or unfortunately, an attempted break-in. We can replace your quarter panel glass with the best in the auto industry. This includes being able to locate and find the same glass with the same tint, so you don't have to worry about matching up your windows. Quarter panel glass requires some expert techniques, and we have plenty of those at our shop. Contact us today to get started on this repair.


    Moonroof and Sunroof


    Placed squarely in the "less frequent" category are both moonroof and sunroof auto glass. We do see plenty of these repairs as well but less often given their location. The trouble with broken roof glass is that it can lead to other significant issues. First, leaking inside your vehicle. The last thing you want is water damage that leaves stains on your interior. It can also leak into the structure of your frame, which leads to problems you don't always see, like rust. This auto glass can get highly specialized, especially for those with newer model vehicles. Never fear, however, we have seen it all, and we would be happy to take care of this. We will also work through your insurance provider. They can often cover some or all of these repairs for you.


    Specialty Glass


    Some vehicles have special glass pieces, such as vent window glass that can be found in older models like classics. We can't always find it all, but we are good at finding many hard to find windows. This is because we work with great manufacturers who have access to all kinds of auto glass dimensions and materials. Don't give up on trying to have a window repaired. Give us a call today and let us know what we are dealing with. Even if we can't find a solution, we can often point you in other directions that can help your solve your specialty auto glass problem.

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    Recalibration tests are now becoming a fairly regular service in the auto glass industry. This service wasn't as known just a few years ago, but as cars get more high tech and drivers buy newer models, these types of services are becoming more needed. So what is a windshield recalibration? Newer model cars have tons of features that connect their car to high tech features. Some of those might include front-end collision alerts, lane assist, hands-free driving, pedestrian sensors, or blind-spot alerts. When your windshield is repaired or replaced, this can disrupt these features.

    We do windshield recalibrations in Laveen, AZ, for newer makes and models. There are two most common versions of this. 1. A static recalibration and 2. a dynamic style test. Some vehicles only need one or the other, while others may require that both be performed. Either way, we have you covered. We are happy to offer this service as a mobile one, which means you can still carry on with your day. This is notable, given that these tests can take a couple of hours depending on the make and model of car, truck, or SUV.


    Window Tint


    Chances are, you still see really bad window tinting jobs out there on the road. You know what we mean, that purplish film that always bubbles up, making an otherwise fine-looking vehicle look bad. This often makes drivers avoid having this service done. Window tint has come a long way since then, and it's far more affordable than ever.

    Window tint is perfect for a car that already has rear tinted windows. We can easily match that up, so you have a nearly identical look. You don't have broken windows to have this service done with us. Something else to consider, window tint provides privacy, so you are free to have lunch in your car without onlookers. Finally, this is one of the easiest ways to add security to your vehicle. When thieves can't see into your vehicle, they might just skip your car and move to the next where they can see if it's worth the trouble.




    We have been in the auto glass industry for decades, which means we have spent a lot of time building impeccable relationships with our manufacturers. We have learned a few things in these years and have sifted and sorted through to find the best. It's our hope, that this gives you confidence in your repair or replacement with us.

    Our manufacturers adhere to the auto industry standards for safety. They are also up to speed when changes are made to these standards. They keep up with technology and provide high-quality replacement materials that will look and function just as your original auto glass performed. Our suppliers are also top-notch and provide us with high-quality sealants and other materials needed to install your auto glass properly.


    Mobile Service


    As noted above, many times drivers will avoid or put off their auto glass projects because of time and life conflicts. We know how busy you are, which is why we offer mobile appointments on many of our services. This feature is a lifesaver for many of our clients, who might find it hard to drive all over the place to deal with vehicle repairs.

    If you're at home and need to tend to your family or kids, we can happily come to your location for your repair or replacement. Similarly, if your work schedule is hectic and punishing, we will meet you at work while you tend to your responsibilities. We try to cover you no matter where you are. The goal is to get you to and from these locations safer, with new beautiful auto glass that is both safe and aesthetically on point.

    Have Broken Auto Glass?

    Working With Our Team

    Professional Auto Glass Team


    Can you tell that we love what we do? Auto glass might not seem like a very interesting industry, but our team works hard to know everything about it. We stay up to speed on technology so we can repair the newest makes and models. This is an important factor because things like windshields are changing all the time, which evolves our business. We pride ourselves on staying current in our knowledge and training.

    Our management team has been doing this work for years. We not only know how to solve your auto glass problem, but we know how to offer our clients the best in customer care. This includes booking and scheduling to save you time and money, talking with insurance providers to get your repair covered, or offering 100% labor warranties on our work. These are priorities, allowing us to excel in customer service.

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    Here are just a few more features of why working with us is the best choice.

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      We hire the best that know their craft and can troubleshoot just about any auto glass project.

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      Since we have perfected our relationships with manufacturers, this gives us access to the best pricing for our customers.

    • Safe and Fast

      We have extensive experience with auto glass repairs that can be done quickly without sacrificing your safety.

    • Licensed and Insured

      We are a licensed and insured business to give our customers more peace of mind of hiring us for their auto glass.


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