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    Auto Glass Repairs in the Phoenix, Arizona Area

    Phoenix, AZ

    Auto Glass Repair, Replacement, and Tinting


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    Super Duty Auto Glass Repair is the number one provider of mobile glass services in Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding communities. Our company strives to make auto glass repairs simple and convenient, so you don’t have to deal with unnecessary interruptions to your schedule. We know how detrimental and inconvenient a damaged windshield can be, which is why we offer mobile glass repair services to all of our clients. No matter what make or model vehicle you drive or even if your windows are tinted, our glass experts will be able to quickly and efficiently perform windshield replacement at any location!

    Driving with damaged glass may seem like just an inconvenience when it can actually be dangerous for you and any passengers in your vehicle. The windshield provides structural stability to your car or truck and works to keep you safe if an accident occurs. Don’t take the chance of driving an unsafe vehicle on the roads, reach out to us today so we can fix any glass issues.


    Mesa, Arizona

    Mobile Glass Services


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    The days of having to schedule an appointment with a garage and wait for hours while repairs are completed are gone thanks to our convenient mobile glass services. Whether you are at the office, your home, or the soccer field we are able to schedule your appointment for wherever is convenient for you. We also provide free estimates to our clients, so you can move forward with repairs with confidence. Don’t put off glass repairs and drive an unsafe car, reach out to us today so we can schedule your mobile replacement services.

    Truck, Car, and SUV Glass Repair

    Learn About Our Versatile Glass Services


    We offer auto glass repair and replacement services for nearly every make and model of vehicle. No matter what type of glass you need or how severe the damage, we can help to get you back on the road quickly.

    Window Tinting Services

    Windshield Glass Repair


    If you notice your windshield has small cracks or dents, it’s important to have those issues fixed quickly. Damage that is minimal is often able to be repaired rather than completely replaced and having it completed quickly ensures the damage does not spread and cause additional issues. If left unfixed, small cracks and chips can spread and lead to extensive damage. Reach out to our glass experts today to determine the best repair options for your windshield glass.

    Windshield Glass Replacement

    Windshield Glass Replacement


    In certain scenarios, windshield glass may be too damaged and require complete replacement. It’s crucial that you do not drive your vehicle if there is damage to your front windshield glass, as it can impact your line of sight and lead to increased injuries in the case of an accident. The windshield provides stability for your car and without it, the glass can shatter or the roof can collapse during impact. Windshield replacement can be completed quickly and with minimal interruption to your day with our convenient services.

    Windshield Glass Repair

    Rear and Back Glass Repair


    Is your rear auto glass cracked or have you noticed a small chip? This is not uncommon, as our glass technicians have ample experience repairing and replacing the rear auto glass. Your rear auto glass has more in-depth glass than your front windshield, as it is often equipped with defrosting mechanisms. It’s important to have any damage to your rear glass addressed quickly to prevent the damage from spreading and getting worse. Your rear glass is crucial for your line of sight and staying safe while on the road. Reach out to us today to see how we can help get your rear glass repaired.

    Rear and Back Glass Repair

    Sun or Moonroof Glass Services


    Damage to your sun or moonroof glass can seem like a nightmare and many believe that repairs are expensive. With Super Duty Auto Repair, repairs to the moon or sunroof glass and mechanisms are convenient and affordable. It’s common for falling tree limbs or flying debris to damage this area of your car, as well as leaks to form around some of the seals. Our glass experts are trained to complete repairs on sun and moon roofs, so reach out to us today and we can create a plan of action for your repairs.

    Sun or Moonroof Glass Services

    Door Glass Repair


    It’s common for glass on driver and passenger doors to become damaged, as this material is often less sturdy than the front or rear glass. While chips or cracks on these windows may seem like a minor inconvenience, the damage can actually be dangerous and affect your line of sight while behind the wheel. Don’t take the chance of having your glass shatter during an accident or your passengers becoming injured, reach out to us today to see how we can help fix any door glass damages.

    Door Glass Repair

    Window Tinting Services


    Whether you are looking to have all of your auto glass windows tinted for the first time or need to have your damaged glass repaired and need to ensure it will match your existing tint, our experts can perform a flawless job. Our tinting services meet all of the state laws and requirements while still adding a sleek look to your vehicle with added privacy. We can match your pre-existing tint perfectly with guaranteed results. Don’t trust the low-quality materials in a DIY kit, let our professionals handle the job.

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    Dangers of Damaged Glass

    Dangers of Damaged Glass


    Many drivers are unaware of how dangerous it can be to drive with any form of damaged auto glass. In many states, cops will pull over any vehicles with glass damage and can even issue tickets for driving an unsafe vehicle. Windshield glass and all auto glass provide stability to your vehicle in the case of an accident and also keeps you and your passengers safe from outside debris. In an accident, damaged glass can shatter towards anyone in the vehicle, and in serious cases, the entire roof can collapse on impact. Even small areas of damage can spread quickly and without warning, affecting your line of sight behind the wheel. Be sure you are taking all the steps to be safe while driving and have any damages fixed promptly.

    Insurance Coverages

    Insurance Coverages


    Depending on your specific coverage and deductibles, some glass damage is often covered by auto insurance companies. If you are unsure how to find out if your repairs can be covered by insurance, reach out to us. Our representatives can help with the process and figure out which services are covered for you. We know the process of working with insurance can be confusing or intimidating, which is why we are there to help you with each step of the process.

    Mobile Glass Services

    Our Service Areas


    We have been serving the Phoenix, Arizona area with quality glass services for over two decades. Our mobile glass services can travel to Phoenix and the surrounding communities including Tempe, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Mesa, and more! Our technicians make several stops per day throughout the area completing glass repairs and replacements. Are you located near Phoenix and are in need of a windshield replacement? Reach out to us today to schedule your appointment and get your car back on the road.

    Mobile Glass Services

    Mobile Glass Services


    You won’t have to worry about sitting in the garage waiting room for hours or leaving your car for days to be repaired thanks to our mobile glass services. We want the process to be simple for you, which is why we can travel to you and fix any issues with your glass. It’s not safe to drive a vehicle with damaged glass, especially when it is on the front or rear windshield.

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    Super Duty Auto Glass Repair Scottsdale, AZ


    We understand how hard it can be to schedule your auto glass repairs and find a reputable garage to complete the job. Super Duty Auto Glass Repair strives to make the auto glass repair process simple, with no interruptions to your schedule. Our company has over two decades of experience repairing glass in the Phoenix area and is always happy to work with new and returning clients. Don’t put off having your car or truck glass damage fixed due to fear of a large bill, we can provide you with a quote beforehand so you are able to head into the repair feeling confident with the process. When you choose us to complete your glass repair, you are guaranteed to receive high-quality materials and services.

    Commonly Asked Questions


    Learn more about common questions and answers from clients

    Read through this list of common questions and answers regarding our auto glass repair and replacement services. If you still have concerns, feel free to give us a call and we can help.

    Do You Offer Mobile Glass Services?

    Yes! We offer mobile glass repair and replacement services to our clients in and around the Tempe, Arizona area! Reach out to us today to learn more about our mobile services and receive a free quote.

    How Long Will My Windshield Replacement Take?

    Each vehicle is different, so windshield replacement times can vary. On average, you can expect repairs to around 30 minutes, while an hour or two is common for full replacements.

    What If My Windows Are Tinted?

    We are able to work with any glass, even ones that have been previously tinted! Our tinting services are quick and affordable. Reach out to us today to learn more.

    How Soon After A Replacement Can I Drive My Vehicle?

    Each scenario is unique and your auto glass technician will be sure to discuss any specific times with you after the job is completed. On average, you will be able to drive your car just a few hours after your new windshield is installed.


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