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    Phoenix, AZ

    Auto Glass Repair


    Defining Auto Glass Repairs

    We have seen just about every repair imaginable in our shop. From a cracked windshield to a storm taking shots at a rear panel window. Auto glass repairs test our patience and always happen at the worst possible time. We know this frustration too. After all, we have had our own auto glass problems in the past. Our job is to help you get your repairs done quickly; so you can move on with your life.

    Many auto glass problems don't require full replacement, and we do everything we can to save your windshield, side windows, or the like. We can repair small chips that come with daily driving. This often happens when a truck kicks up debris on the road. We can also tackle smaller spider shatters. These happen from debris hitting your windshield at a high velocity but bounce off quickly. If the shatter is more surface level and hasn't created a major divot, we might be able to repair versus replace. We can also repair side door glass if it's a minor surface-level crack. We work with high-quality materials to ensure our repairs go the distance.

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    Auto Glass Replacement

    Defining a Replacement


    What to look for or consider

    We wish we would repair all auto glass, so you didn't have to go through the hassle of a full replacement. The truth is, many times, it's just unavoidable. Our top priority is to make sure you are driving around Phoenix with windows that are safe and secure. If a repair can't check off those boxes, then a replacement is our only option. We try to make this replacement as smooth and seamless as possible and take the hassle out of the appointment.

    When your auto glass is badly damaged, there are a few things we will look at to replace it. We'll consider the size of the area impacted. Does the crack stretch across the windshield, or does it have the potential to do so? We will investigate whether the damage sits on the surface of your window or determine if there is a lot of missing glass from the damaged area. We will also consider if the damage impacts safety features like your airbag system or smart car features. For rear windows, we will test to see if things like the heating elements are functioning. Unfortunately, rear windows often land in the full replacement category due to the kind of glass it is, as heating elements aren't easily repaired.

    What We Fix

    Auto Glass Repairs for Phoenix, AZ


    What auto window are you having trouble with? Here is a look at a few of the projects we can help you remedy.

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    The front window of your vehicle is about the most important, given it's the direction you're most often traveling. When this window is damaged, it can impede your visibility and make for a hazardous situation on the road. Aside from being a visibility issue, did you know that your windshield is tied to your airbag system? That's right. Your airbags rely on a fully functioning windshield that is free from damage. When the windshield is cracked or shattered, your airbags might not deploy. We also want your windshield to work well with your smart car features. Damaged glass can lead to poorly functioning features like front-end collision, pedestrian sensors, lane assist, and the like.

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    Rear Window


    Your rear window is different than most of the other windows in your vehicle. The glass is tempered and is made to shatter into spheres when badly damaged. This cuts down on injuries for passengers. This window usually has heating elements in it as well, allowing you to defrost or de-fog your back window. When those elements get damaged, you will have a visibility issue. We will assess the damage to your rear window and find the most appropriate solution. We work with excellent manufacturers that adhere to all the auto industry safety recommendations.

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    Passenger Doors


    Your door glass is a little different than your front and back windows. Mainly, this glass isn't as thick as those windows. They are susceptible to other kinds of damage like car accidents, external damage from something like a storm, or a potential break-in. Regardless of how your passenger glass got damaged, we can tackle it. We will work with our manufacturers to find the right door glass quickly and get it installed. We will even make sure your power window mechanisms are working. Our goal is to look over every detail of the repair; so you don't get left with more issues.

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    Quarter Panel + Vent


    Many vehicles have quarter panels like SUVs and vans. Those windows may see damage from things like storms, accidents, or someone trying to vandalize the car. These repairs are a little trickier since many of these windows are also tinted for privacy. Our manufacturers have the best auto glass replacement for these projects at the best prices. Not only do they adhere to safety standards, but they also work quickly; so we can get you back on the road. Driving around with broken quarter panel or vent glass will leave your vehicle vulnerable to a break-in. Let us help you get this fixed ASAP, so your car's security isn't compromised.

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    Moonroof and Sunroof


    Broken moonroof or sunroof glass can feel complicated since it's hard to determine the amount of damage beyond what you can see. The biggest trouble with sort of repair or replacement is that you can't see how it might be impacting your vehicle. First, it can lead to unwanted leaks. Those can spread to your vehicle's interior or into the structure of your car. Second, these windows help the structural integrity of the car, which is important to passenger safety. We will be happy to take a look at your broken sunroof or moonroof, and we can even ensure the mechanism that might open the window, functions properly after your new glass is installed.

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    Special Order


    Do you have an older model classic, or another off-brand auto glass project you need help with? Often, for restorations, auto glass can be hard to find. While we can't promise we can find the window, we are happy to take a look at your specialty auto glass problems. We have seen plenty of classic cars come through our shop and have helped tons of customers replace auto glass that has been damaged for years, if not decades. We love these projects, so please give us a call today so we can get started. We have a lot of resources in this industry.

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    Window Tinting


    We are thrilled to offer window tinting services on replacements or updates. Window tinting has come a long way, and we know many drivers add window tint aftermarket. In the past, the driver learned this is harder than it looks. We have affordable options for window tinting. This is a great way to add privacy and security to your vehicle for a low price point. Replacing this glass with factory tinted windows can get pretty pricey otherwise.

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    Did you know that your windshield needs to be recalibrated after a replacement? You might be wondering why this is the case. For newer model vehicles, your smart car features work in conjunction with your windshield, cameras, and sensors. Features like lane assist, blind-spot detection, pedestrian alerts, front-end collision, and similar things can malfunction if your windshield isn't recalibrated. We do both types of testing required by auto-makers. One is a static test that's done with a target we place at the front of your car. The other is a motion test that is done on the roadways. Some manufacturers require at least one of these tests, and some require both.

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    Our Partnerships


    We have been in business for several years and have been working in the auto glass industry even longer. Over this time, we have built top-notch partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers in Pheonix, AZ. These partnerships ensure we have the best quality auto glass at the best possible pricing. It's important to us we can pass those savings on to you. Our suppliers for things like sealants and gaskets or mechanical parts are equally strong and give us access to the best in the business.


    We Are Mobile


    One of the best features we can offer our customers are our mobile services. We know life is busy, and as we said at the beginning of this page, we try to take the hassle out of auto glass repair. Our mobile services include repairs and replacements. We can also do things like recalibrations and window tinting on site. We are happy to meet you at your home or office and take care of your vehicle while you tend to life's responsibilities. Don't drive around with broken or shattered glass. Let us come to you and repair and replace.

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    We have such a successful auto glass shop in Phoenix because we start with the most important priority. You. We know a lot is riding on your tires, and we want to ensure we contribute to a safer vehicle. Our customer-centric approach gives us a top rating among our customers and gives new customers confidence in choosing us. We are lead by a great management team and have a crew of professional auto glass installers. Our staff is trained or brings with them years of experience in the industry. Further, we are licensed and insured and offer labor warranties on our work.

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