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    Are you dealing with a cracked or chipped windshield? Is one of your passenger door windows smashed and you are unsure how to find a reputable shop to complete the repairs? AutoCove Windshields is the number one choice among drivers in the Phoenix area for auto glass repairs and windshield replacements. Our team utilizes the latest in auto glass technology to help provide fast and affordable services to clients in and around Maricopa County. We have over two decades of experience in the industry and have experience working on nearly every make and model of vehicle. Our company can even source hard to obtain materials and specialty glass that many other garages are unwilling to find.

    Auto glass damage is a serious issue that should be addressed promptly to avoid any safety issues. You don’t want to trust just anyone with a job as important as glass repairs, which is why we are happy to provide free estimates to our new and returning clients. Our process is simple and designed to make the repair process stress free for our valued customers. Consultations for repairs are always free when you choose AutoCove Windshields, so you can feel confident securing our team for the job.


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    To Ensure Your Safety Behind The Wheel

    Many Phoenix drivers assume that if their auto glass damage is small and does not affect their line of sight, it will not affect their vehicle or safety while on the road. This is simply untrue, as any form of auto glass damage can lead to serious injuries during an accident or any form of impact. This is why it is never recommended to drive a car that has windshield damage and you should always contact a licensed professional as soon as possible. In addition to safety concerns, broken auto glass can also entice criminal activity and puts your vehicle in a compromised state of security. The best way to ensure your safety and the protection of your vehicle is to schedule windshield repairs promptly after noticing the damages.

    Auto Glass Services

    Phoenix, AZ AutoCove Windshield Services


    Below you can read to learn more about the specific auto glass services we offer to our clients in the Phoenix area, along with the benefits of choosing our team for the job!


    When your front windshield is damaged with small cracks or minor chips, repairs may be the best and most cost-efficient course of action. It’s important that you have a licensed auto glass professional assess any damage to your windshield to be sure that the proper course of action is taken. You should avoid trying to fix any damage with a DIY kit or at-home remedies, as these may not properly address the damage or issues with structural integrity. The only way to ensure your windshield is repaired properly and with professional-grade services is to trust a local auto repair shop.


    If the damage to your windshield is extensive and contains large cracks or shattering, a full replacement may be the most efficient and cost-effective method to fix the issues. It’s common for people to avoid a windshield replacement due to fear of high costs or long installation time. Thankfully, most replacements are inexpensive and can be completed in just a few hours of time. It can be difficult to determine whether or not your windshield needs repairs or replacements if you are unfamiliar with the auto glass industry, which is why we are happy to provide free quotes to all of our clients.


    Your rear windshield glass is just as important as the front when it comes to the functionality of high technology driver assist programs and the safety of everyone in the vehicle. While the glass used for front and rear windshields are strong and resilient, it can become damaged from severe weather events, falling debris, an accident, and countless other factors. It’s important that you have any damage to your front or rear windshield assessed by one of our team members as soon as possible so that we can get your vehicle safely back on the road.


    Sunroof and Moonroof Glass


    Many auto repair garages are not able to complete repairs on sunroof and moonroof glass, as this type of damage often causes issues with the mechanical and electrical elements of these accessories. Our team at AutoCove Windshields has all of the tools and knowledge necessary to complete repairs on both factory-installed sunroofs and moonroofs, as well as those installed as a secondary accessory. If you are dealing with a broken sunroof, don’t leave the roof of your car with damaged glass! Contact us today and we can help schedule your glass repairs.


    It’s not uncommon for passenger door glass to become cracked or even shatter due to a variety of factors. The material and specific glass used for passenger door windows are thinner and less resilient than windshield glass, which is why small cracks and chips are often found in these areas. Broken passenger door glass not only puts the interior of your car at risk of damage from moisture or weather events but also poses a security risk to any important items left inside of your car. You can utilize our mobile glass replacement services to have one of our technicians come to your location and complete the necessary repairs.


    Quarter Panel Glass


    Though these pieces of glass are small and most commonly found on large vehicles like SUVs, vans, and trucks, they are important to the overall functionality and security of your vehicle. The repair or replacement of quarter panel glass can be tricky, especially if you are unfamiliar with the auto glass repair process. Our team carries all of the necessary materials and equipment to complete repairs on quarter glass panels in just a short amount of time! If you are concerned about your schedule or bringing your vehicle in for quarter panel glass repairs, let one of our skilled Phoenix auto glass technicians assist with the process.

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    You don’t need damaged auto glass to work with our team of windshield experts! Our company is proud to offer window tinting services with high-quality materials and a fast installation process. We have all of the tools and experience needed to complete fully new tint installations or we can match an existing tint with our precise color-match process. In addition to using materials from only top-rated manufacturers, we take all of the steps necessary to ensure your tint will meet all of the regulations in Arizona. If you are considering a window tint installation for your car, contact us for a free quote on services.


    Insurance Coverage


    In some cases, auto glass repairs or replacements may be covered under your auto insurance plan. This will depend on the specifics regarding the damage, your specific auto insurance company, and the coverages selected on your policy. In some scenarios, the repairs may be covered in full, while others may require that a deductible be paid prior to completing any services. We know how difficult it can be to understand insurance language, which is why our team can help with any of your concerns regarding coverages and out-of-pocket expenses.


    While this service has gained popularity in recent years, it is a crucial service for any vehicle that has a high technology or driver-assist program installed. When there is any form of damage or repairs completed on your windshield, it’s important that you have a recalibration service performed by a licensed auto glass technician. This process works to ensure that the various sensors on your car are gathering the correct information to your technology systems like lane-assist, automatic braking, and the backup camera. If a recalibration is not completed after repairs or windshield damage, it can cause the failure of these systems or the airbags to fail during impact.


    Mobile Glass Repairs


    We understand how difficult it can be to rearrange your schedule to try and find the time for a windshield repair appointment. This is why we are proud to offer our clients in and around the Phoenix area fast and convenient mobile glass repairs. Our mobile technicians can complete most glass repairs or even replacements at your location, eliminating the need for you to bring your vehicle all the way to the shop and wait around for the job to be finished. If you are interested in our mobile glass repair services and would like more information, don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or email.

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    Drivers in Phoenix have trusted AutoCove Windshields with all of their auto glass needs for over two decades! Our company is committed to providing top-quality windshield repairs at competitive prices in the Maricopa County area. We carry all of the necessary licenses and insurances to operate in California and offer a labor warranty for your peace of mind. Having structurally intact and functional auto glass on your vehicle is crucial to you and your passengers’ safety, as it works to keep you safe while on the road. Our team works to complete repairs quickly to help minimize the amount of time spent with an undrivable vehicle. We are committed to staying current on educational training and utilizing the latest technologies in the industry.

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