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Your vehicle's rear glass is often overlooked among all the other panels in your car, truck, or SUV. This is mostly because this glass is less impacted than other windows and is very different in structure. The rear glass has plenty of functions, such as bringing in more light into the cabin interior. It's also crucial for better visibility, especially in bad weather. This window is often an aesthetic feature that is usually tinted, has wire elements, and is typically specific to your particular vehicle. This window is also made to add to the safety of your vehicle, so it's important to be sure it is always functioning properly. The construction of rear window glass is designed to reduce injuries to those inside the car. In an accident, if this glass is compromised, it can add to the trauma individuals experience in an auto accident, rear-end accident, or overturned vehicle incident.



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    Why You Need a Rear Window Replacement

    Mesa, AZ Back Glass Replacement

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    We discussed briefly; the reasons your back glass is important, and how it plays a significant roll in your safety. Let's take a moment and talk about the uniqueness of this glass.

    Rear back glass is constructed in very particular angles, and often, on multiple planes. You may notice this glass has different curves to give your car or SUV some eye appeal. These are fantastic features, but also make replacements more complicated at times.

    This glass is also treated differently than some of your other windows. It's a tempered glass, which means it has been heated and cooled a few times to help the strength factor. It will take much more force than other glass, so it is a safety feature you really want intact. Your windshield is often laminated, which differs from tempered treatments.

    Here is a fun fact, did you know that rear back glass is also referred to as backlites? Within the industry, your rear auto glass is called backlites among your repair shops and manufacturers. So, if you contact us and tell us you need a backlite repair, we will be impressed!

    Read more below about what you should do if you have damaged rear back glass.

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    Connect With Us

    Once your rear window glass is damaged, you'll want to connect with your auto glass repair company. We would be happy to be your source for the best auto glass shop in Mesa, Arizona. You will want to get the ball rolling on getting your glass repaired since this particular auto glass is more unique than other pieces of glass. We will get your vehicle's details from you, including your make, model, and year so we can reach out to our manufacturing partners. We will also collect your insurance company details to see how much your company will cover for your replacement. We work with the best manufactures that adhere to auto industry standards in products and materials. This gives our customers peace of mind and confidence, knowing they are getting the best product, service, and prices.

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    Avoid Driving

    If you're in your car when your rear glass is damaged, you'll want to pull over and investigate. If the glass is already damaged and you're waiting to have it replaced, try to avoid driving as much as possible. A short trip to have the glass repaired should be okay given how severe the damage is, but keep it to a minimum. Unfortunately, once this glass is damaged, it is suspectable to more damage or injury to passengers. This also makes the structural integrity of your car vulnerable to other accidents or air pressure within the car cabin. If the damage is extensive, you may even want your car transported home or a repair shop.

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    Use Gloves

    If you need to clean out the back of your car after the damage has been done to your back glass, you'll want to wear gloves and take other protective measures. This glass is tempered and very sharp. Unfortunately, it can be very dangerous to try and navigate your way through this glass. The last thing you need, on top of your broken rear window, is a visit to the hospital. Use protective gloves to wage through the mess. Also, wear long sleeves, long pants, and a sturdy shoe in case it falls on the ground. Don't put this glass in your regular trash. This can be dangerous for your pick up crews. Box it up tightly and use tape and take it to the dump or meet your refuse crews at the curb and ask them what you should do with it.

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    Use a shop vac or similar high powered machine to sweep out all of the glass from your car and upholstery. We suggest doing this multiple times as even the smallest chards will be problematic and dangerous. These machines are designed to pick up more chards (even small pieces) unlike regular vacuums and their attachments. If you don't have this type of vacuum, you might check with your local hardware store and see if you can rent one. You'll want to vacuum a few times, still wearing your protective gear, to see if you can get all of the small pieces of glass dislodged from the carpet and upholstery.

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    Prepare For Replacement

    Work with your auto glass replacement company to get your rear glass replaced as soon as possible. You can do this by calling us quickly and getting us the details of your car, truck, or SUV. You can clean items from your vehicle to help us work faster if you choose. It's always good to have your own conversation with your insurance provider to let them know what is happening and to check on your premiums. Your insurer might cover part of all of your replacement, depending on your coverage. We will also work with your insurer to get you the right replacement and the best service for the price.

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