Casa Grande

The city of Casa Grande is located 30 miles south of Phoenix and roughly 55,000 people populate the area. Casa Grande is located at the halfway point between Phoenix and Tucson in a rural and suburban area. Casa Grande is considered a golfer’s delight because there are several upscale golf courses in the area. Also, central Arizona offers a beautiful and balmy year-round climate.

Casa Grande came about because the area underwent a mining boom back in the late 1800s. Thompson Rodney Peart was one of the settlers who founded Casa Grande. Many different landmarks and structures throughout the city are named after him, including Peart Park and the Peart Center. Casa Grande was officially incorporated as a city in 1915.

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Living in Casa Grande

There are many wonderful things about living in Casa Grande. Residents are not far away from Phoenix so if you work in the city then you don’t have to drive far to get there. It is very pleasant to live there because the weather is warm and comfortable year-round. The community is also home to several annual events and festivals that attract people from all over the region. This includes fly-ins, live concerts, and celebrations of Native American culture. There are plenty of attractions and fun activities to discover in Casa Grande that are available to residents of the area and anyone living in nearby communities.

Geo-Coordinates of Casa Grande:

Lat: 32.881893
Long: -111.768036

Things to do in Casa Grande

Located near Casa Grande is Picacho Peak State Park. It is one of the most famous summits in the Sonoran Desert and it provides you a panoramic view of the entire area. You can even see the entire interstate connecting Tucson and Phoenix! Caywood Farms is another place you should check out when you are in Casa Grande. It is a family-operated farming business that allows you to take a look at the different crops that they grow. They also offer fun and educational tours of their properties. There are also several popular golf courses located in Casa Grande, and they include the Francisco Grande Golf Course and the Mission Royale Golf Club. Avid golfers from all over the region travel to Casa Grande to play at these two golf courses. The Pinal County Fairgrounds are also an important part of the Casa Grande community because here you can experience the area’s agricultural heritage through workshops and educational programs.

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