Taking a drive through the countryside can be a fun and enjoyable adventure for you and your friends. However, the roads that you’re driving are either in poor condition or are made of gravel, which can create scratches on your windshield. Cracks and other imperfections in your windshield can be very unattractive to look at and you always have to fix or replace it, which can be costly.

Here are some tips that will help you protect your windshield when you are driving in a rural area:

Driving Alertly and Patiently

Although it can be tempting to drive through country road at the speed of your preference, this will inevitably end up doing more harm than good. Increased speed makes your vehicle more difficult to control and can result in a potential car crash. Although there tends to be minimal traffic in rural areas, there is still the chance that you will end up driving behind another car carrying a heavy load of certain materials. The load can unlatch at any time, so it is important to remain patient and vigilant while you are driving.

Fix Your Windshield Before Driving Through Rural Areas

If there is a crack in your windshield, then it is susceptible to becoming much worse when you are out on rural roads. This is because the roads tend to be bumpy and precarious, and driving through these areas will exacerbate any damage to your windshield. The damage could easily spread throughout the rest of your window and cause the whole thing to fracture completely, which will create hazardous driving conditions for you and other people on the road.

Properly Clean and Maintain Your Car

When driving out on rural roads, your windshield will be exposed to dirt and insects which can get caught on and cling to your windshield. If you wait too long to clean your car then it will be difficult to remove any dirt or dust on your windshield. 

Cleaning your windshield routinely will also help you identify cracks early on, which gives you the chance to fix the issue before it gets worse and becomes a much more costly repair. You may also end up having to replace your windshield altogether if you do not act quickly in repairing any minor cracks, which are relatively cheap and easy to fix.

Gravely Roads

Many rural areas have roads that are comprised of gravel, which are small rocks that, if they collide with your windshield, will cause it to crack. These are called stone breaks, and they happen a lot more often than you think. 

You will rarely encounter smooth and cemented roads when your driving in rural areas, so you are liable to experience a lot of coming in contact with sharp stones and flying debris. Again, driving at a moderate speed limit and remaining vigilant will prevent your windshield from becoming damaged. 

Fluctuations in Air Pressure

When driving through rural areas, there is a chance that you will encounter mountainous terrains that are located at higher altitudes. In these areas, you will most certainly experience a change in air pressure, which can affect your windshield and put it under a lot of stress. Driving at a higher speed in higher altitudes can spell bad news for your windshield because the air pressure will almost certainly cause your window to crack.

In mountainous regions, you are also liable to traverse high and low altitudes in a short period of time, which will create a lot of stress on your windshield. What we recommend is that you try to avoid this as the quick fluctuations in air pressure can cause your windshield to expand and contract, which will result in damage. 

Low Material Quality and Faulty Installations

Damages to your windshield are often a result of glass material that is of low quality and faulty installations. When you replace your windshield, you should always ensure that the glass material adheres to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications. This ensures that your windshield will offer you the right amount of durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions. 

Faulty installations are also a culprit when it comes to damage to your windshield. Your windshield has to be properly fitted into the frame of your car and the dimensions of your windshield have to correspond with that of your vehicle’s. Your windshield will be more liable to structural damage while driving on rural roads because of the bumpy and precarious conditions. 

Before you go on a road trip, we recommend that you have a professional technician take a look at your windshield to ensure that everything is in order before you leave. They can determine if your windshield meets OEM specifications and they can make any adjustments if need be. 

Invest in Windshield Protection

Another way in which you can protect your windshield is by applying a transparent ceramic coating to your windshield to protect it from gravel and flying debris. Many vehicles also experience something called “sand pitting,” which is where sand collects in your windshield over time and it mostly occurs in vehicles that almost exclusively drive on dirt roads. These small particles collide with your windshield, causing incremental damage that will eventually create small cracks that become worse over time. The sand also becomes embedded in your windshield, which will weaken the glass material. 

The ceramic coating will protect the glass material underneath and prevent sand pitting. You should hire a licensed professional to apply the coating, because if this is done improperly, then you could end up making things worse.


There are many steps you can take to protect your windshield when you are driving through rural areas where the roads are crusty and dilapidated. There is a strong chance that dust and gravel will come in contact with your windshield and cause it to crack, so you want to ensure that you are taking the necessary measure to mitigate any issues. 

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