Your day to day life doesn’t revolve around replacing a windshield, nor should it. But when you do have to think about it, boy does it get overwhelming quickly. So you jump on the internet and start Googling, “windshield replacement services near me in Mesa, AZ.” Does that sound about right? We get it. Unlike you, windhsields and other auto glass repairs are our everyday reality, and we love what we do. We love making it easier on our customers and just getting it taken care of as soon as possible. Here are a few things you should know about when choosing a windshield repair company to work with. 

Industry Experience Matters

People with little experience will get into auto glass as a layered service but have very little knowledge about it. On the surface, it looks easy enough, so handy people might try their hand at it. Because it is a lucrative industry, auto shops may try to add the service in an attempt to bring in more cash flow. That would fine, but auto glass is somewhat of an art and should be looked at as a specialty service that requires special skills. 

Be prepared to do a little homework on your auto glass shop. How long has the shop been in business, and do they have a place you can go to look for reviews of their services? The testimonials will tell a story about the shop’s customer service, attention to detail, making good on projects that fell apart, or offer plenty of useful information about the business. Don’t be afraid to ask the shop questions about how long they’ve been around and details about the services you’re seeking. A business that doesn’t take the time to answer inquiries isn’t likely a shop you want to hire for your auto glass work. 

New shops aren’t “poor options,” we just believe that auto glass shops with a history have been long enough to perfect services and troubleshoot more projects. Auto glass isn’t always expensive, but it is your hard-earned money, and you’ll want to make sure you’re spending it with a business that knows what it’s doing. 

Company Standards Matter

Instead of treating this business as a fly by night operation, do the homework to hire one that prioritizes standards. You can find this through how a business uses processes and systems in handling their business and customers. This includes things like working with your insurance company to see what kind of coverage might help you pay for your services. This might also include a business with an active online presence, either on their website or social media spaces. Companies that are always working to educate or inform their potential customers show they care about the people they help. 

An auto glass business should have standards around how they handle customers, their questions, and concerns. You want a shop that is prioritizing services that are quick and safe. These businesses should also have standards on how work is performed, products used, and partnerships. 

Installers Matter

The legitimate people that work in this industry are professionals and treat it as such. Avoid a company that is hard to track online, or no one has ever really heard of. Auto glass installers have gone through plenty of training to do the work they do. They come with skills that traditional auto shop employees don’t always have. 

For example, in our business, we hire professionals who have already been working in this industry and have top-notch credentials. Even those we hire new into our business, have gone through side by side training with highly skilled installers. We hire and train this way because we want our customers to know their vehicles are in good hands. 

Communication Matters

The first thing that ever happens in a relationship with a new customer is communication. If this is a struggle when you start inquiring about services, it might be a red flag that the business doesn’t prioritize their customers. Communicating is the first skill in the auto shop world, especially since there is a lot of information that needs to be collected. If a shop doesn’t spend the right amount of time with a customer to get the right details, it can disrupt the whole repair process. 

We work closely with customers to collect the details the first time we speak to you, to minimize the back and forth phone calls. We will also keep you informed about the process of repair and give you transparent pricing. 

Industry Partners Matter

Finally, something you might not think much of but should, are industry partnerships. What this means, the other businesses an auto glass shop needs to do quality work. For example, glass manufacturers that adhere to the auto industry standards. The glass, mechanical bits and pieces, supplies, and tools are all important to your service. 

Ask auto glass shops where their materials come from and what their track records are like. Some shops might not even know. While not a deal-breaker, most people like to know (especially if they are spending a lot of money) that their materials are high-quality. No one wants so to go through mishaps or faulty materials after already dealing with this issue once. 

We hope this gives you insight into auto glass shops in Mesa, AZ, and thoughts around the industry. We are here to help or answer questions anytime.

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