5 Reasons You Should Avoid DIY Windshield Repair Kits

Damage to your car’s windshield glass can often strike at the worst times and can leave you stressed about the options to fix the issue. Many drivers consider choosing a DIY repair kit to fix cracks and chips in the glass not knowing they may be causing more harm to their vehicle. The convenience of fixing the glass at home and not having to schedule an appointment may seem appealing but in the long run, trusting a licensed professional is always the best choice. Keep reading to learn the top 5 reasons why you should avoid choosing a DIY repair kit for damage to your vehicle’s windshield.

Assessment By A Professional Is Crucial

When you first notice there is damage to your front or rear windshield, it’s important to contact a professional repair company as soon as possible. Even cracks and chips that seem small to the eye can affect the structural integrity of your glass, which is crucial to the functionality of your car and your overall safety. If you select a DIY kit and try to fix these issues at home with no guidance, you may be placing a bandage over a bigger issue. The structural integrity of the glass is crucial when it comes to safety because when it becomes compromised, the glass may shatter during an accident. To be sure that the glass is properly assessed and the correct form of repairs is conducted, always contact a fully licensed and insured glass professional.

DIY Kits Do Not Address Structural Issues

To expand on the previous point, the structural integrity of your vehicle’s glass is crucial to the overall function and safety of you and your passengers. The only way to be sure your glass is repaired properly and that the glass is structurally sound is to reach out to a licensed professional. When your glass is compromised during an accident, it can lead to issues like the entire windshield smashing and glass shattering towards you and your passengers. In some cases, the entire roof of your car can collapse on impact due to the weakness of the glass. Don’t put you and your passengers’ safety at risk, have your glass repaired promptly.

Improper Curing Can Lead To Future Issues

DIY repair kits use different materials than professional glass companies, which can lead to issues with the overall curing process. This is one of the most crucial parts of the glass repair process, so when there are issues it can cause more damage to your glass in the future. You may be spending unnecessary money on these kits because, in just a few days or weeks’ time, the cracks can return and cause you to seek professional repairs. This means by the end of the repairs, you are often spending twice the amount of money!

DIY Kits Can Cause Issues With Visibility

One of the most common issues with choosing a DIY windshield repair kit for your vehicle’s glass damage is visibility after the installation. If the weather has unexpected rain or humidity, this can cause problems with the curing process and may cause a cloudy finish on the glass. This can be extremely dangerous for visibility and seeing hazards during dark hours or foggy conditions. DIY kits do not prevent cracks from happening or current ones from spreading, which can happen suddenly and cause serious issues with visibility. To be sure you are as safe as possible while behind the wheel, trust in a professional glass company for all of your windshield needs.

Issues With Accuracy Can Lead To Safety Concerns

Performing a complete windshield repair takes extreme accuracy and precision, which typically comes from years of training and experience. DIY kits are often marketed as simple to use and can be completed in just a few easy steps but this is just not the case. Glass repair is tedious and even small mistakes can have serious consequences with your glass over time. Don’t take the risk of issues with visibility while on the road or the risk of injury during an accident, reach out to use with any concerns about windshield repairs.

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