What Does It Mean To Recalibrate A Windshield?

Windshield Calibration is a crucial part of the glass repair or replacement process and is a necessary step to ensure your vehicle’s safety. While your windshield may just seem like a standard piece of glass, it is actually part of the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) found in many different models. Though we will discuss this further below, this system consists of various sensors and cameras to help ensure safety in the scenario of an accident or mechanical failure. When your windshield is repaired or replaced by a licensed glass professional, they will complete either a static or dynamic recalibration to ensure the windshield and systems are perfectly aligned. On average, these tests should take only a few hours to complete.

All About The ADAS In Our Vehicles

The Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is common in newer models of vehicles and consists of many different methods to help with over functionality and safety. The ADAS is composed of many different cameras, sensors, and lasers that gather information and base functionality on the collected data. For example, one of the most important elements of the ADAS is the main camera that is often situated near the windshield. This camera is important when it comes to functions like automatic braking that is designed to keep drivers safe from unexpected situations on the road. If your windshield is not properly calibrated, the incorrect information may be collected and transmitted through the system, causing you to stop at the incorrect time. This can lead to a dangerous accident or serious bodily injuries which is why it’s so important to ensure your windshield is calibrated during any form of repairs.

When Should I Have My Windshield Calibrated?

Generally speaking, your windshield should be calibrated or recalibrated during any form of repairs that are made to the glass. If there is a complete windshield replacement, it should also be calibrated to ensure complete safety and functionality. Many drivers think these are the only scenarios that require the windshield to be calibrated, however, that is simply untrue. You should also ensure your windshield is calibrated after a wheel alignment, any suspension work, or after any issues with your car’s camera system. When you purchase a new vehicle, the windshield will meet OEM (original equipment manufacturer) specifications, so it’s just during maintenance or repairs this service is typically completed.

What Will Happen If I Don’t Calibrate My Windshield?

If your windshield calibration in Mesa is not completed properly during services, it can seriously affect your car’s functionality and your overall safety behind the wheel. It may seem unimportant or like it can be procrastinated but window calibration is a step that must be completed promptly and accurately. The cameras and sensors on a vehicle must be lined up correctly for the proper information to be relayed within the system. Any issues with these functions can lead to trouble with lane assist, automatic braking, cruise control functions. When these systems malfunction or misinterpret the surrounding area, it can lead to dangerous accidents. Don’t put your safety or your passengers’ safety at risk, be sure to double-check that your windshield is calibrated during any services or repairs to the glass.

Where Can I Get My Windshield Calibrated?

It’s important that you only have your windshield calibrated and serviced by a licensed glass expert like the team members at Windshield Calibration Mesa. This service is absolutely crucial to the functionality of your vehicle and the safety systems like lane assist, cruise control, or blind spot warnings. Be sure to research local windshield calibration options in Mesa and refer to your insurance company for specific coverages on your policy. It’s common for this service to be a part of glass coverage options.

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