Did you go outside to your vehicle just to discover your windshield was cracked by falling debris or a weather event? This can be an extremely stressful situation and can leave you wondering if your car is even safe to drive with damaged glass. While windshield glass consists of multiple layers and is applied with strong adhesives, the truth is it is dangerous to drive with any form of damage to a car’s glass. Below you will find more information on what can cause a cracked windshield to shatter and the steps you can take to fix the damage.

Can My Cracked Windshield Shatter?

Yes, any windshield that is damaged can crack more or even shatter for a variety of reasons. This is why most professionals recommend never driving a car that has glass damage because during an accident you are at an increased risk of serious injuries. It’s important to note the difference between a chip and a crack in the glass because this can affect the method of repairs. It’s common for chips to be repaired while cracks may need a full replacement. Below you can find some of the most common factors that will cause your cracked windshield to shatter and what you can do to avoid this issue.

Avoid Bumps In the Road

Bumps and potholes in the road are one of the main factors that can cause windshield damage to spread, often without warning. This can be extremely dangerous because it happens when you are behind the wheel and need full visibility of the road to remain safe. As much as we try to avoid uneven road surfaces, it is impossible to avoid every issue. The best way to prevent your windshield cracks from spreading is to have the glass repaired by a professional prior to driving the vehicle.

Fluctuating Temperatures May Be An Issue

Another factor that can cause a crack in your windshield to spread is fluctuating temperatures and varying levels of humidity. When the air temperature and moisture levels change, it can cause the glass to expand or contract in size. This can be damaging to compromised glass that has lost its structural integrity and may cause the crack to spread across your line of vision as the glass expands. Thanks to the multiple levels of glass and material, it’s unlikely the glass will come in towards you or your passengers unless there is a serious situation like an accident.

Cracks Can Spread Without Warning

One of the main risks of driving with cracked glass is the risk of the damage spreading while you are behind the wheel. Just because the crack is small or far from your line of sight doesn’t mean there is no risk of the damage spreading across the glass. Simple acts like debris flying into the windshield, any form of pressure, or even slamming on the brakes can cause the cracks to spread.

Structural Integrity Is Important

Many drivers are unaware of how important the windshield is to the structural integrity of the car and that it can also affect important auto systems like lane and brake assist. When the glass is compromised, it can lead to serious scenarios in the case of an accident such as a roof collapse or serious bodily injuries. This can also occur if auto systems in your car fail or provide incorrect information due to the windshield sensors needing recalibration. The only way to ensure the adequate structural integrity of your windshield is to have a professional make any necessary repairs, followed by recalibration services.

Schedule Repairs As Soon As Possible

It’s common for drivers to procrastinate having windshield repairs done, even knowing the risk of bodily harm and injury if an accident were to occur. Many are just looking to avoid the hassle of having to find a reputable company, schedule the repairs, drop off the car, and wait for the job to be done. If your schedule is busy, choose a company like Mesa Windshields to help with repairs. They have a team of expert mobile technicians that can travel to your location and complete auto glass repairs and replacements!

Contact An Auto Glass Expert

When choosing an auto glass company, it’s important to find a team of experts that is reputable, as well as fully licensed and insured. If you are worried about scheduling an appointment, consider the mobile glass services from the professionals at Mesa Windshields. The group of experts has years of experience serving Arizona clients with trustworthy and affordable auto glass services. If you are concerned about insurance coverages, the team can gather information and provide you with a free estimate on services.

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